Sam pottorff was a youtuber or maybe still is and has a girlfriend. Follow him on Twitter  

Fun FactsEdit

  • he loves the peni
  • His twitter account hasn't been verified, yet.
  • He dated Acacia Brinley and they broke up during October 2012.
  • Known as the "baby face" of the group.
  • Is diabetic and was diagnosed when he was 5 years old.
  • Featured in Katia Nicole's music video "Girl Can't Help It" as the male lead, and kisses Katia at the end.
  • Sam did a boyfriend/girlfriend tag video with his now ex-girlfriend, Mackenzie.
  • Night owl.
  • he likes to smell buttholes for fun
  • he names his 2 nipples - baby mouse , fuzz
  • he is secretly dating a girl named Mykal Harrison
  • he is chaeting on lockness with a girl named cheesy buns
  • people call him pretty princess
  • he likes to dress up and pretend to be the princess of Guatemala

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